Another Brick 2

Maybe I’m becoming obsessive about this Varoufakis thing, but when, according to an article in the Independent, he uses USG figures for unemployment to claim that if these numbers were to approach EU level (ie, 10-11%), “… the administration would have collapsed …”, I tend to become skeptical.

According to Paul Craig Roberts, unemployment in the US is more like 23%, and the administration has certainly not collapsed, imploded, or been overturned by popular discontent.  Granted, what we have for a government these days is pretty much a joke (if it were not so destructive).  All you have to do is take a look at the tenor of our so-called political “debates” or the way we count votes:  handing them over to private companies to do as they wish or are paid to do.

I mean Varoufakis is supposed to be an economist, someone trained in the science, familiar with the arcane language, the technicalities, but is he so enmeshed in the field that he can’t recognize the numbers manipulation being foisted off on a public only too accustomed to getting its news from the TV while the country crumbles around them?

For people upset by the way Greece was handled by the Troika, he has lots of good things to say, but I have a hard time with his defense of the EU.


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