Trump. Fast, to the White House!?

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Note:  This is a translation by this blog’s housekeeper of an article that can be found on europesolidaire, with the kind permission of the author, Jean-Paul Baquiast.

Donald Trump. Qu’il accède rapidement à la Maison Blanche



Since the publication of the article below on 16 Dec 2015, Donald Trump has shown his talents.  He seems to be capable, voluntarily or not, of shaking up the System represented by the US.  His repeated electoral successes demonstrate that he has the backing of a popular constituency that is difficult to precisely identify, but appears to be far from the traditional Republican base.  In fact, many of his supporters seem to have points in common with those supporting Bernie Sanders.

We’ll wait for the presidential election results before attempting an analysis of the Trump phenomenon and the reasons for his success.  We can only say that as of today, 24 February that, especially if he wins Super Tuesday, The Donald would strongly confirm the probability of being the Republican candidate.  We will closely follow subsequent events.

Concerning the Democrats, a Bernie Sanders candidacy appears unlikely, given the forces of the System arrayed  against a candidate (including maybe, an accident) opposed to the interests Hillary Clinton serves.  Let us say only that if Clinton succeeds, through corruption and connivance, in eliminating Sanders, she will face a Trump perfectly capable of ridiculing her.


In the Republican camp, it seems, a few weeks before the beginning of the primaries, that Donald Trump is gathering the majority of votes.  This is hardly surprising given the non-existence of his rivals, whose names, as far as we are concerned, we have a hard time remembering.  They all represent a neo-conservative, militarist America dominated by finance which disdains the rest of the world, especially Europeans.

But supposing the Democrats win, their most probable candidate, Hillary Clinton, is hardly distinguishable from the worst of the Republicans.  In fact, considering her policies, she far surpasses them in militarism, provocations towards Russia, disdain towards Europe, and hatred of any true political alternatives that save the remaining honor of the United States.  Thanks to her name and her sex, she can give the illusion of a certain openness, notably in European circle of Atlanticists.  They will be disappointed.

A Clinton presidency will maintain Europe for the foreseeable future in its present status as an American colony, as well as reinforce the anti-Russia hysteria from which certain European governments are trying disengage.  And yet wouldn’t a Donald Trump White House be worse for Europeans?  “The Donald”, once in power, in spite of his gift of gab, would not escape the forces of the Deep State which would constrain him to follow the most obtuse American interests.  Unless …

… Unless, carried away with his own hubris, he proposed a few common sense policies that would be useful not only for the US, but for the EU:  consider a rapprochement with Moscow or Beijing, for example.  “Democrat” Obama has shown himself incapable of doing this, pushing the world to WW III.  A “Donald” might succeed in avoiding it.

… Unless, in the bedlam provoked by his temperament, true improved opposition movements based on the Occupy model were to appear and be heard by all those, in the US as well as In Europe, who reject entirely what they call The System.


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*  On France Inter, from 7 Sept – 18 Dec, Bernard Guetta, in charge of the program “Geostrategie” allowed himself to compare Trump to Putin, saying that nothing really separated the two men.  It is embarrassing to state that on a nationally distributed radio program, a recognized journalist would permit himself to issue ad hominem attacks as vicious as this without any reaction.  But this might be explained by the horrified discovery, evoked at the end of our article, that a coming together of a possible President Trump and Vladimir Putin might not be impossible.

Jean Paul Baquiast


Note from the housekeeper.  As with the above article, I may post, from time to time, my translations of articles I find of interest for any of you who happen to stop by.

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