What You Pay For

I guess it could be expected of the self-proclaimed “indispensable nation” to present to the rest of the world this awful spectacle of a presidential campaign.  Hillary “cackling Albright clone” Clinton, literally bloated with Wall Street money, Bernie “I’ll cede any semblance of independence” Sanders, and Donald “I’ll say anything I want because I’m not bought” Trump.  Meanwhile, Jill Stein, probably the only candidate who doesn’t outright lie, or cower before the DNC, or resort to whatever base instincts may present themselves, remains hidden, somewhere offstage, blackballed by the MSM and a fair part of alternative media.
There is a saying, “You get the government you deserve” and I would guess that the US will soon get what it deserves.  The problem is that the US still has the muscle, and the ability to fool the rest of the world, as in the “Rocky Balboa” films, to get off the tarp and give it one last go.  To the horror of the rest of humanity.
Europe, which once could have been a counterweight (punch?), sold its soul during WW II, and basically hasn’t been heard of since, having assumed the role of imperial eunuch, Sarko, Blair, Hollande, Merkel, Tsipras, and Cameron being the most recent examples.  What a sad, so-called bunch of “leaders”.  Well before Levis, Elvis, McDo,  Starbucks, Google, and Facebook displaced anything resembling European culture, the elite bankers and corporatists were scheming a way to do away with anything that looked like independent political thought.  And given the near total lack of democracy in the EU these days, it could be said that they succeeded.
As in the States, there is no real Left in the EU.  What remains of the Left has been reduced to a scattering of post-Indignados initiatives here and there, Varoufakis’ DiEM25 being the latest incarnation, an attempt to reform the EU from the inside, as if Bernie Sanders could change the imperial face or actions of the US.
So where does that leave us?  Between a rock and a hard place.  Kind of like the Occupy movement or los Indignados in Spain.  Dispersed by police violence and a lack of support from the general population who couldn’t understand a horizontal organigram.  Or a sell-out from above à la Syriza in Greece.
Even though I didn’t vote for The Shrub, I figured, if he was elected, his presidency would be so bad as to awaken a somnolent public to the horrors of not paying attention.  Alas, it only reinforced the stupor, and we got another four years of the same, if not worse.
Then we got Obama, the shape-shifting Peace Prizer who, in eight (way too long) years, packed in probably as much killing as that other peace prizer, Kissinger, did in his entire career, and managed to hoodwink an entire generation.  Twice.
Seen from the other side of the Pond, the US election season, like professional sports or reality TV, seems a mere distraction, a constant Comedy Central that has become only too real.
What a disgrace.

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