Over the Cliff

Mark Lewis Taylor has a great piece on CounterPunch making the case that Trump is a product of “Clintonian Neoliberalism”, the clever con game that the Clintons and Obama have foisted upon their way too numerous brain dead acolytes.  For me, this article explains how a Donald Trump can be a contender for the presidency.  He’s the flip side of the neoliberal coin.  Whether or not he was placed there by the Deep State is irrelevant.  The neoliberal coin of the realm is as counterfeit as the Democratic party, as Bernie’s “revolution”, as the financial derivatives that have enriched a few and plunged the rest of the world into precarity and social chaos.

Mr Taylor suggests, maybe even pleads, that this may be the moment for us to definitively push back against this world-crushing obscenity.  Clinton and Trump are the most disliked, distrusted candidates for the presidency in memory, and people are really going to vote for them?  Why not take that counterfeit coin, flip it into the fountain of lost dreams, and walk away?  It would probably dissolve like an aspirin anyway.  All that would be left would be the memory of la Clinton cackling away as she witnessed the murder of a head of state.

Well, maybe not that’s all that would be left.  We’d still be left with the legacy, the results of all our years of state plunder, terrorism, and destruction.  That’s not something from which we can casually walk away.  There will have to be a reckoning and an admission that we, as a nation, were responsible for the destruction of entire societies, including our own.  That we have allowed a bunch of charlatans and mystificators to lead us to our own moral destruction.

So yeah, go ahead and vote for that wannabe alpha male Clinton or for the Trump reality show.  Go ahead, follow your fears, follow your hate, gather up all your negativity and resentment and ignorance and follow the System’s delusional Pied Pipers right over the cliff.  Mother Earth will breathe a sigh of relief.

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