WTF? Wrong Question.

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If we need to claim innocence by asking, “What the fuck?”, we don’t even deserve an answer.  We haven’t been paying attention.  It’s not surprising.  The Left (or what’s left of it) and the Right have been drawn into a carefully organized internecine catfight which, typical of the superficiality that passes for politics (or life in general) in the US and its puppet states in the EU,  has all but destroyed anything resembling non-binary critical thinking.

People seem so obsessed by the immediacy of electronic social media that they never take the time to step back and say, “Hold on!  I need a little time to think about that.”  Reflection, other than that of a selfie or a “Like” ( a kind of permanent mirror), seems to have gone the way of the village café or thoughtful consideration of socialism or communism.  Anything other than what is worthy of consideration by the bosses who own pretty much everything (the size of one’s ass or bank account) these days is pushed to the sidelines, ignored, or sneered at.  All of which makes more comfortable the already tedious monopoly on PC thought enjoyed by the Caviar Left and their insufferable wannabe courtesans in the MSM.


I think, given the nature of the two choices forced upon us by our oligarchs and their media minions, we are headed for a Collective Nervous Breakdown.  A kind of political PTSD.  From somewhere in the gated community of Propaganda Tank Land, la Clinton’s sulphur-spewing headmistress promises fire and brimstone for all those damsels who dare not vote for her prized student.  Whoever claimed that divine retribution was the private reserve of right-wing Bible-thumping, chain store church-owning blowhards seems not to have noticed that Democrats can be as easily lead to slaughter as Republicans.  As Dave Lindorff and friends would say:  This Can’t Be Happening!

But it is.  And has been for way too long now.  Disdainful Democrats have been so busy looking down from their so-called “enlightened” perch upon the supposed knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing (thanks to the late Joe Bageant for that one) Republicans who continually vote against their own interests to recognize that they, as well, have been lead down a well manicured garden path to the very same barbecue, only to complain that there’s only beer and bourbon in plastic cups.  Where’s the champagne in crystal flutes?  The crab canapés?  Where’s my PR person?  Where’s my personal assistant?  Where’s my limo?  I’m not supposed to be here!

Wrong!  Thanks to the distracting and divisive politics of identity, Democrats have been bamboozled into thinking that their causes are somehow more just:  R2P and “humanitarian” bombing, targeted drone assassination, bank bailouts, mass incarceration, and all the rest.  For them, having a murderous black President is somehow better than having a murderous white one.  And now, they’re about to double down on a woman for whom the truth is an unpronounceable foreign language, diplomacy is for dummies, and whose beloved bank account is really the only thing that matters.

Talk about a Circus Politicus!

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