Weep or Act

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I’m not going to vote for la Clinton. That’s for sure. Any of the “good little Eichmanns” who decide to vote for someone who can gloat over the murder of anyone deserves to be treated as psychopathic. I won’t vote Trump just because he’s not la Clinton, although there are arguments all over the place for why a vote for him might be more sensible, if anything in this election season might be considered sensible, in that he supposedly wants more reasonable relations with Russia and China. Which makes a lot of sense, on the surface. Who wouldn’t want to avoid any kind of war, military or economic, with the rising stars of a possible alternative to the neoliberal agenda?

But what can you say about what politicians, seasoned regulars or rookies, say during a campaign? Or what the MSM have to say about what the candidates have to say? Or even what alternative media have to say about all this? I spent a fair amount of time trying to figure all this out and came away just as confused, just as uninformed, as when I began. Maybe I’ve not done enough research. So be it. But given that the Powers That Be couldn’t give a rat’s ass about how most of us think, I’d hazard a guess that the election will turn out just as they want: the election of a puppet and a divided populace, ready to destroy itself in internecine cat fights, all to the delight of financial predators.

There is a really good piece on DissidentVoice by Tim Scott which goes a long way in explaining just how far we have gone towards dystopia. It’s a relatively long read, but worth every word. You can read it and weep, or read it and act.

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