Familiar Territory

I guess we get what we deserve. Who would have thought that Trump would ever be elected? If that, in effect, turns out to be the case, given Jill Stein’s sudden lovefest with the Clinton machine democrats, which is eerily similar to Bernie’s, that is to say if she can prove voter fraud, and the entire fiasco is turned over to whom, exactly? My lack of citizenship is showing. I have no idea how something like that – states’ votes being overturned – is handled. The last I read, Michigan’s vote in favor of Trump has been certified. Again, whether that is final or not – given that there are so many ways to contest any kind of decision these days – remains to be seen.

I have to go on the assumption that Trump is going to be our next president. And I’ll admit that I was relieved. Not that I voted for him, but the thought of la Clinton running the place scared me more. And finally, after considering Stein’s milktoast campaign, and considering a book I’d recently read, «Lucidity», by the Portuguese writer José Saramago, I decided not to vote at all. It was all too ridiculous. Even if Bernie had been the democrat’s candidate, I’m not sure I could have voted for him, the Lesser Evil thing making not much sense to me. All it’s given us is more, if not worse, of the same.

But I have to admit that reports of Trump’s cabinet nominations seem to betray much of his campaign rhetoric, which indicates that nothing much has changed, that the Deep State made its wishes known, and that Trump, while he may have been The Decider in TV reality land, is definitely not The Decider in the world outside a television studio. In other words, the banks were more than happy to lend him money while he was satisfying his commercial fantasies. In that rôle, he was still just another customer, albeit a contentious one, whose behavior remained more or less predictable, one who more or less played by their rules.

As president, he could have proved to be a bit more of a problem, so he had to be brought into line.

Just like the Democrats before him, who put on a spectacular progressive show to keep their traditional base and enable global capital to increase it stranglehold both at home and abroad, Trump’s appeal to those disenfranchised by their so-called « protectors » allowed him to keep his nominal base and appeal to many of the disenfranchised, popular vote or not.

We’re entering strange, but at the same time, all too familiar, territory.

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