Chickens Coming Home

Over at SystemicDisorder, Pete Dolack has a take on capitalism that, while it may not be all that new, goes a long way in explaining how personal relations have become so difficult, if not downright antagonistic. And by that I mean the ability of society to have conversations about stuff on an equal footing, not this top-down, vertical, hierarchial, trickle-down forced reality bullhorned by the Master Class through the MSM.

Dolack explains how the Enclosure Act(s) forced people from the land into the factories, into the mind-numbing repetitive jobs that are anathema to any kind of creativity on a human scale and, as we have seen more recently, the race to the bottom as concerns wages.

And all this might explain why the Master Class or politically correct liberals see any hint of nationalism or populism as some harbinger of fascism, when it really only is a kind of natural reaction to having one’s job taken away, shipped off somewhere over the horizon, much like most of our recent wars.

Things have become so inverted that we now have people begging to be re-enslaved by their corporate masters instead of joining together and giving a collective finger to the entire system and coming up with an alternative. Our Hillary bots are so afraid of getting their hands dirty with the messy, and unpredictable, business of some kind of democracy, are so afraid of mingling with what they imagine (or have been told) to be the knuckle-dragging « deplorables », that there is little opportunity or will for conversation.

The consumer society has so refined the toxicity of the Enclosure Acts, has so enlarged the imaginary membership of the so-called ownership class, that people who should be demanding radical change are either defending the status quo for fear of losing what little has accrued to them or are being thrown out of their houses and into the street, and are becoming a new sort of criminal. To which many of our former slaves, of whatever color, could easily say, « Welcome to the club, brother ». Or sister, to those who insist on politically correct speech.

The point being that many of the newly minted rentier class will probably find their membership fees to the Protected Club to be a bit too high, that they weren’t all that protected, that they were, in fact, just as disposable as The Deplorables, in that they weren’t providing anything that an algorithm couldn’t.

Talk about « Chickens coming home to roost » !*

*Thanks to Ward Churchill for that timeless phrase.

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