Protesting Trump?

So. We have Donald Trump as president-elect, and there's talk about organizing resistance because he has already backtracked on many campaign promises (with the exception, maybe, of his beloved Wall), because of his cabinet appointments, because he says whatever happens to be on his mind from one moment to the next, because he's inexperienced in politics, because, maybe, he prefers not to tangle with Russia, because he lost the popular vote, because the politically correct don't like his style, and on and on.

All well and good. But where was the resistance when Bill Clinton deregulated Wall Street, The Shrub stole two elections, when Obama immediately backtracked on pretty much (if not every one) all of his campaign promises ? Where was the resistance when la Clinton fixed the primaries, continually changed her positions on pretty much everything depending on her audience, rejoiced at her successful murder of Muammar Gaddafi, continually lied about pretty much everything ?

Nowhere to be seen. The last time any kind of popular resistance made itself known was during the Johnson ('63-'69) and Nixon ('69-'74) administrations. Not even The Carter Doctrine, which went a long way in establishing the current chaos in the world today, was much talked about or criticized. And then, of course, there's good old Ike, so fondly remembered for his parting speech about the Military-Industrial Complex, who gave the OK for the overthrow of the Iranian government in '53. And this is just a glimpse of the stuff that should have been resisted. Bill Blum has a pretty complete list.

Anyway, this is pretty much a rehash of a great article by William Boardman up on DissidentVoice. I encourage those few people who stop by here to go read it.

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