PRC Digs Up a Beauty

I don’t always agree with Paul Craig Roberts, especially when he defends the Reagan administrations, but I consider this article, by Michael Kramer, Rescuing Boris, which he dug up from Time’s archives, to be a real jewel, as the tension and rhetoric mounts over the supposed « Russian hacking » and « fake news » controversies.

Reading the article, I had to remind myself that this wasn’t some alternative or conspiracy theory web site, but good old Time Magazine who’s been around just about forever and used to have wide readership. Apparently, even as recently as 1996, there were still some curious reporters whose editors let them do what they’re supposed to do and publish the results.

The article in question recounts the exploits of a group of American political communication conmen who helped Boris Yeltsin become re-elected, and subsequently enabled western capital to rape his country. Just another glimpse behind the ever thinning curtain behind which our own oligarchs are hiding. I consider it a must read.

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