How many times does it need to be said ? Even the once fierce, Matt Taibbi, of Vampire Squid fame, whose columns of late seem pretty tame by his former standards, has had to admit that yeah, maybe, there just might be something untoward going on (all the while dutifully referring to Vladimir Putin as the « gangster-spook-scum capable of anything ») concerning the hair-on-fire stories of Russian cyber-meddling circulating in the mainstream echo chamber and various government offices, including the office of our lamest of lame duck presidents who, in a moment of spoilt child pique, sent thirty some Russian diplomats packing. Probably, to their relief. Who’d want to spend the holidays in the extended DC swamp when they could return to a real winter ?

I can imagine Mr Putin rolling his eyes in disbelief, secretly hoping that the spawn of what passes for the US diplomatic community don’t accept his offer (Taibbi going so far as to characterize the invitation as « loathesome/menacing/sarcastic », apparently sharing the President’s painful realization that his disastrous eight years of dissembling and fumbling are finally being recognized for what they were and are : a disaster.) to attend the festivities at the Kremin. They’d probably complain about the absense of Ronald McDonald or Justin Beiber or why they can’t go play their video games instead of, at the least, behaving somehow like civilized children, strange as that might be for them.

And so ends a very strange year. Here’s hoping we can survive the coming one.

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