Getting What We Want. Or Not

I can’t remember who said it first, but the idea of not learning from one’s mistakes can certainly be costly, and I think that this can be said about our recent election results.

Then again, what can you expect from people who have been bamboozled from nearly day one of their political existence ? How else to explain the deadly trajectory of the United States of America other than by admitting that the whole thing has been an amazingly successful con job ? How else to explain Ike’s warning about the military-industrial complex while he overthrew the Shah of Iran to protect US oil interests ?

Leafing back through the history of US presidents, I find none of them especially inspiring. And if they were, they were for the wrong reasons or reasons that went against the wishes of Captital, with a captial « C ». Huxley, Orwell, PK Dick, and a host of others warned us, in vain, of the coming ridiculousness of our present situation, and we now find ourselves with a real estate salesman as president. Granted, he’s not the slippery-tongued senator from Chicago, nor is he the cackling war porn addict who ran against him, but he’s the result of the incredible dumbing down of the American electorate, from Joe Bageant’s rednecks to David Brooks’ Bobos, neither of which cared to venture outside their cultural cocoons. Both of them equally stupid. And that’s about where any equality ends.

Other than the above, I’ve not got much to say, but to advise you to read Anthony Tarrant’s piece over on Dissident Voice to get a feel for the frustration of many of us.

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