20 avril 2017

It seems that, in order to bolster plummeting readership (and maybe even viewership), the MSM has decided to double down on its sensationalist strategy, resembling more and more the Hollywood gossip/scandal sheets. Or a Tom Clancy novel. Or a comic book without the dissident subplot. First, Trump is a hapless Russian stooge, controlled by the omniscent, diabolical cyber-genius Vladimir Putin, who is blackmailing him into the Peace Trap. He’s weak, indecisive, confused, inconsistent. Seems to have developed a conscience, of sorts. Dark rumors of détente burgeon like DC cherry blossoms. Is impeachment in the cards for our first billionaire president ? Or assassination ? Is his son-in-law plotting against him ?

Then, all of a sudden, he launches a few ineffectual missiles, drops a big bomb on an isolated cave, and the media decide he’s being « presidential ». What a media ex machina resurrection ! Did he finally finally find his cape and a magic telephone booth ? Cheering in the boardrooms, the editorial pages, the TV studios !

As Dave Lindorff and friends say, « This Can’t Be Happening ! ».

But it is. The alleged « adults » in various top floor corner offices (or maybe they have the entire floor these days) everywhere are giddy with thoughts of soaring sales and ad revenues. And a renewed faith in their ability to massage the message. « We just pulled off a modern-day conversion ! On the road to Damascus, to boot! Doesn’t get any better than that ! We might even get the knuckle-dragging evangelicals to tune into Maddow and Oliver ! ».

The spectacle of clueless stupidity that has come to define pretty much everything in the United States these days (and like the toxic virus it is, is spreading to every mass consumption host worldwide) is breath-taking. Or, to bring back an old expression, mind-blowing.

And mortal.

As Missy Beattie would say : « Fuck the USA ! ».


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