Paris this morning. Here we go again.

Ramin Mazaheri managed to get his reaction to this late night, early morning shooting on the Champs Elysées out almost as it was happening. Thanks to Ramin and the folks at The Saker.

While his piece examines the extremely tight numbers among the four leading candidates in the first round of the presidential elections here, and some possible reasons for this, his most important observation comes at the end of his piece :

The most important fact – and I even thought about leading this article with this fact – is that seemingly every terrorist in France since 2012 has cited France’s foreign interventions as their motivation for terrorism. It is not Islam, it is not jihad – it is foreign intervention, and their obviously capitalist motivations.

He is absolutely correct. It’s called Blowback. If Mélanchon truly wants the presidency, he has to hammer away on this theme. Western capitalist intervention and exploitation is the prime cause of the planet’s suffering, of the outrage at the disdain with which the West regards those parts of the world not yet under its control.

Whether or not the acts of terrorism since (and including) the Twin Towers have been false flags is not the question for the moment. What should be made absolutely clear is that the West cannot continue its terrorization of countries it considers « a threat to its security » which is another way of saying its freedom to pillage.

Make this point, explain that the West cannot continue to dictate, to coerce the rest of the world into thinking that being slaves is a noble profession ; that modern capitalism is nothing more than simple theft, armed robbery ; that there are alternatives to unmitigated greed, unlimited accumulation. That « The American Dream » is, in reality, a nightmare.

You can’t have everything, all the time. But you might get a simulacrum. As in factory-produced, chemically modified food, a kind of pseudo-nutrition, similar to the West’s mass-produced, vacuous culture, a kind of pseudo-sophistication.

You want to continue to live in an open-air prison, à la Palestinienne ? Go ahead, vote Macron or Fillon and you’ll end up with an Obama-Clinton-Trump all-American dystopia.

For what it’s worth, I sent this to the Mélanchon campaign.

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