The Magic Swamp

The Magic Swamp

I urge anyone stopping by to take a look at the links below. What follows is my interpretation.


Do the first round results of the French presidential election, Macron and Le Pen, remind anyone else of a recent election, say, in the United States ? Certainly looks like a copy-paste job to me. Albeit with a few revisions, rôle changes, a tension-raising tweak here, the near deification of a kind of « Pale Rider » stealth « outsider » there, and the script is pretty well finished. Anything too terrifying or game-changing has been relegated to the cutting floor. Or these days, simply deleted, or stored in some off-site server in someone’s basement.

You’ve got to hand it to these people : the media, the pollsters, and their political lackeys. They pulled it off again. They sold a Rothschild banker as a socialist ! Or as someone magically appearing from somewhere within the ruins of François Hollande’s hapless, obedient five years as errand boy for his masters in Brussels and DC.

From a purely superficial angle, it’s Chirac-(Jean-Marie)Le Pen, The Sequel. It sold then, why not try it again ? It appears to be working.

Except that Chirac, in spite of his own dubious baggage, was a known political quantity. His bon vivant habits were popular and appreciated by the rural community and urbanites alike. It was a no-brainer, and he won in a total landslide, 80%-20%.

Macron, on the other hand, was hardly known to the public, never having held elected office. But he wasn’t unknown to the politico-finance crowd, the real insiders.

Having seen their Obama creation leap from nowhere to the presidency, they decided to work their « hopey-changy » mojo on this election, pulling Macron from their Magic Swamp, and voilà ! Mesdames, messieurs, chers enfants … votre nouveau Président, Emmanuel MacClown, pour nous servir !

Are we going to cheer ? Throw something ? Simply walk out ? Organize yet another demonstration ?

This could get ugly. Or not.

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