Maybe It’s Too Early. Or Too Late. Konstantakopoulos

I’m not sure where to start since I came across some of these links about five this morning, my normal wake up time these days, and some of them date from earlier, maybe not so random, internet archaeology.

I figure I might as well start at the top. Whitney’s review of Kovalik’s new book is almost an incitement not to buy it. Not because he pans it, but because, as reviewed, the book adds nothing that hasn’t been written about before. What the book does leave out is any discussion of the OSS’s (the outfit that spawned the CIA) concerted efforts to create the European Union (EU) and their wonderful little stay behind terrorist organizations huddled under the the cover of Operation Gladio (a continuation of the age old false flag gambit) to ensure that any truly Left-leaning Europpean political movement was discredited. So, as much as I prefer books to the internet, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing this one.

Speaking of books, here’s a strange story. I was offered, via email, a free Kindle copy of a recently published book. Since I don’t do Kindle or Facebook or Amazon or a lot of other (a)social media, as most of them fall under my personal BDS movement, I wrote the author proposing cash for a copy on a USB key or even a real copy that he surely had lying around. Or even a barter deal, my memoires for his book, though I explained that said memoires were still not quite finished. I got back a blow-off saying it would be simpler if I just ordered the book from a book store. My reaction ? Great alternative solidarity, and I’ll pass on your book. Typical Western lose-lose situation.

So next on the list is Macron’s election to the French presidency. An absolute disaster for everyone in France but for the oligarchs and their butt boys. Skip down to the the Johnstone piece for a bit of nuance and perhaps wishful thinking. She always thinks outside the box, and with her friend Jean Bricmont, are considered oddities, even dangerous, by the traditional, caviar Left (see the Proyect link).

As for Manchester, from my point of view, Pilger’s pretty much spot on, but stresses the security measures more than I would expect from him. You want security ? Don’t go shoving bayonets up the ass of a head of state !

Alas, imperialism is still alive and well, and everyone but the very few suffer for it.

Trump ? The Democrats ? Most of the world (outside the EU and other various pet states) is either cringing in embarrassment or laughing, and saying, « American exceptionalism ? If only we could keep it within its borders ! »

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