Pointing Towards the Exits

22 août 2017

I sometimes wonder if it’s possible to really know what’s going on these days. Apart from natural phenomena like sunrise (or the recent eclipse) or wet (not necessarily drinkable) water, or derivative stuff like criminality (the US being the most obvious example), it seems like The Information Age is anything but.

This morning, squatting the village café’s internet connection, I came across Jim Kunstler’s Clusterfuck Nation  which, in his succinct manner, goes a long way in explaining why things are so fucked up and basically unintelligible. They’re meant to be that way.

Glass-Steagall was thirty-seven pages, Dodd-Frank, 848 pages, to which was added another 22,000 pages of lobbyist legalese claptrap whose primary bullet point probably said something like, “Don’t worry. You don’t have to read all this BS. Trust us, you’ll get your camapign contributions if you sign it”. And the idiots in Congress, who probably have never read 22,000 pages of anything, took the bribes and signed it.

As Kunstler points out, the only thing growing in this world of Diminishing Returns is misery, be it social, economic, or environmental.

And,as Ronald Reagan once said, “It’s morning in America!” Yeah, right. More like, “It’s the morning after, in America … “ Anyone pointing to the exits could very well be considered suspect.

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