Snake Oil in Paris: Obama smiles his way through his tired “Hopey Changey” branding effort.

3 dec 2017

Too many French still believe in the Tooth Fairy. The proof? Smooth-talking former president (and war criminal) Obama stopped briefly in Paris yesterday (2 dec 2017) to give yet another of his obscenely hypocritical speeches, and Paris, true to its reputation as one of the world fashion capitals, was captivated more by the form of his delivery, the style if you will, than by what he actually said, demonstrating, yet again, the power of the suspension of disbelief.

I had just put a piece of cod in the oven and turned on the evening news (France 2) for my daily dose of “info intox” just to see what line the French elite were pushing.

I didn’t know Obama was in Paris, but when this story came up, and I saw how it was being covered, I had to turn off the TV as well as the oven, my disgust at Obama’s presence at this marketing event, sponsored by les Napoléons, having chased any thoughts about dinner. I went out for walk along the Seine to try to clear away the sick-making spectacle.

Considering The Napoléons is another one of those private clubs like le Siécle, the Bilderburg, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral, it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what’s going on. What’s interesting is that this particular club is only two years old and was founded by a couple of marketing guys, and in the true tradition of all marketing, they adopted the name, The Napoléons, because, as the link above states,

Le choix rend hommage à ce “grand innovateur”, génie militaire et organisateur hors pair qu’était Bonaparte, il y a un peu plus de deux siècles. “L’imagination dirige le monde”, a d’ailleurs clamé le tyran, avant de tout perdre. Le nom a aussi le mérite d’être mondialement connu. “Dans le monde entier, s’il y a une personnalité qui incarne une forme d’audace à la française, c’est Napoléon”, selon un des organisateurs cité par “Le Monde”.

Translation: The choice honors the “grand innovator”, military genius, and unequalled organizer, Napoléon, of more than two centuries ago. “Imagination rules the world” the tyrant claimed, before losing everything. The name has the merit of being known worldwide. “In the entire world, if there is a personality who incarnates French audacity, it’s Napoléon”, according to one of the organizers quoted by Le Monde.

Only a couple of cynical illusion salesmen could come up with such a retrograde rebranding. But like the award- winning Obama campaign, it’s not surprising that, with enough money and media exposure, you can pretty much “create your own reality”. It was fitting that Obama’s $400,000 fee was paid by Orange (though Orange claims there were other contributors), the French telecom giant (I hate to admit that we use Orange, but choices are limited here as they are pretty much everywhere these days).

Audacity and innovation, that old Hopey-Changey Obama slogan, invoking a lost empire is, ironically, pretty much par for the course for a couple of marketers, and Obama is the perfect “empty suit” to croon about how the US is the exceptional nation that espouses human rights, equality, the rule of law, and all the rest while he went about doing the exact opposite. Not unlike most of his predecessors.

But the Obama Brand worked in the US, and the French elite wanted a private lesson in his “delivery”. They, like oligarchs worldwide, couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the climate, Obama’s dreadful wars, or anything else that really matters. They simply wanted a demonstration of how to “appear” to be sincere so as to better “appeal” to their consumers, regardless of the toxicity of what they sell, be it poisoned food, the importance of the European Union, or their own racist, rapacious, neo-colonial wars.

These Obama groupies know that “branding” works. It’s so patently obvious that my wife asked me why I was even writing this. She’s probably correct.

Seems as though people like Obama get trotted out on these PR missions to see who will attend in order to judge how firmly the hook has been planted. Or to see who has not attended, who is not buying the snake oil and why.

Les Napoléons, c’est le bébé de deux hommes, Mondher Abdennadher et Olivier Moulierac. Issus du secteur de la communication, ils se sont rencontrés chez Euro RSCG, agence désormais englobée par Havas. Leur projet, porté par leur société Momentum, a été lancé en 2014. D’autres noms de la communication apportent leur pierre à l’édifice, comme Anne Méaux, patronne de l’agence Image 7, qui conseille les plus gros patrons français. « Je les ai aidés à améliorer leur programme, à avoir des intervenants, à gagner en crédibilité, à gagner un peu de temps », explique-t-elle au Monde

My translation: The Napoléons is the baby of two men, Mondher Abdennadher and Olivier Moulierac. Products of the communication industry, they met at Euro RSGC, a subsidiary of Havas. Their project (Les Napoléons), organized by their company, Momentum, started in 2014. Other big names in the communication industry supported them, such as Anne Méaux, CEO of Image 7, advisor to some of the largest French firms. “I helped them improve their progam, invite people of interest, improve their credibility, push their agenda” she explained to Le Monde.


Article Clé?

So there you have it. Watching US vassals in Paris clapping up Wall Street’s Uncle Tom, and that the French media was able to have elected their Jupiterian Trojan Horse (Macron) was proof enough for me that the European project, as envisioned by the US, is continuing along its (hopefully self-destructive) path to complete domination, subjugation of Europe west of the Russian border.

Note. I’d suggest Julian Vigo’s article on DissidentVoice for a more in-depth study on this form over content phenomenon.

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