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Elementary Notes On Bacteria*

Another great post by Russell Bangs.  Agree with it or not, it’s a fascinating article.  I tend to agree.  In fact, I love stuff like this.  Seems to make sense, since I’ve had my encounters with Gaia here and there, … Continue reading

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Can’t Be Said Enough

Russell Bangs’ most recent post is one of the things that can’t be said often enough.  Here’s the link: I’ll attempt an update later.

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No Title. Give it your own.

As you can see by the date, I wrote this piece towards the beginning of summer as a note to myself, a journal entry of sorts.  Having limited internet access, there are no links, so you’ll have to find them … Continue reading

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We Tried. Kind of.

10 sept 2018 Jeux Missy Beattie had a piece on CPunch this weekend about the frustration involved in writing just about anything having to do with the US these days, using the refrain “words get in the way”.  And while … Continue reading

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