Paris 4 avril 2020

Glorious weather and we’re locked down but for going out for groceries. Can’t sit on a bench, can’t take the sun. People are suspicious of those, like me, who don’t wear some sort of mask. I should probably try to find one of those “V” (Guy Fawlkes) masks that the movie made so famous.

Corona this, corona that. The panic (manufactured) over a virulent (?) flu is truly amazing to behold. Some 80,000 died of the “normal” flu during 2018 in the US alone. But who really knows? That figure comes from the CDC, whose numbers are dodgy, at best. It’s just another government service “in service” to Big Business, and I hope that more and more people would recognise that. But I rather doubt it.

This whole thing is a manufactured crisis, much like Pearl Harbor and 11 sept. A test to see just how far our “authorities” can extend their powers without being totally disbelieved. Or, if they are disbelieved, call in the armed forces. It really is astounding to watch. I never thought I’d live to see such a cowering in the face of so much incompetence, so much corrutpion. These people, our supposedly elected representatives, have no idea how to frame their responses. A friend of mine sent me this:


Fernandel, a much beloved figure of French cinema is saying:

7 March Macron tells us to go outside. The 12th he tells us to stay inside. The 14th he tells us to vote. The 16th he tells us to go back to work. Here, we call that person “crazy”.

Yes, it’s a joke, but it’s true. These people have no idea what they’re doing because they have no moral foundation. They have to wait until their corporate masters have come up with a plan to calm (confine) the population and to make a profit. That’s it, pure and simple.

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