Thoughts on the Covid Business

5 mai 2020

Short bit for the few folks who stop by.

I absolutely love stuff like this. I imagine a lot of folks, if they take the time to read the entire article, will dismiss it as science fiction. I take it as a great step forward in understanding our world in terms of what we don’t understand and probably won’t for quite some time. Science and technology, the way we’re practising it today, won’t save us from ourselves. We’ve proved that over and over again. But a new perspective on how science and technology can open new “doors of perception” that may change the way we think of ourselves in the Big Picture I think, is a great opportunity to initiate major changes in what we are doing now.

Here’s another link from the same author:

I can’t remember when I first came across this Ehret guy, but whatever I read that first time kind of piqued my interest, and I’ve been running into his name more frequently lately. And while I tend to lean toward the idea that continual population growth is probably not a great idea, at least at this point, I certainly don’t like the idea of Bill Gates and friends coercively vaccinating us to death. Once we harness fusion or transform ourselves into some kind of quantum beings able to travel faster than the speed of light (or something), I’ll be long gone and, in my present state of mind, thankful for that.


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