Spring Cleaning

14 mai 2020

SW France

This Covid 19 thing is really bizarre. I continue to ask myself: How is it possible that a billionaire, whose fortune is based on a pretty shitty operating system whose origins are kind of mysterious (well, not really mysterious because the original code came from DARPA and IBM who got it from the guy who broke the Enigma code), is now directing the world to remain in lockdown mode until the so-called scientists he is funding come up with a vaccine for a flu virus which will have mutated who knows how many times before said vaccine will be, if ever, discovered and therefore be totally useless? Does this make any sense at all? And governments world-wide are following his advice? What is really going on here?

I can’t even remember the last time I was vaccinated for anything. I’m 73 years old and still in relatively good health. We were in Paris for the first five or six weeks of the quarantine, then managed to escape due to health considerations for my wife’s mother. I never wore a mask or gloves, but maintained a certain distance more out of a sense of courtesy than a fear of contamination.

And then we come to the now infamous Neil Ferguson of Imperial College whose so-called “models” and the resulting predictions have been so wildly off the mark it’s hard to believe that anyone with a few brain cells would believe him. But here we are, in almost world-wide lockdown mode, just the same. At least China had the organisation and empathy towards its confined citizens (food delivered, salaries paid) to ease the pain. And Sweden relied on the common sense of its citizens in following a few recommendations so as not to shut down the country completely.

For anyone interested in exploring some of the possible reasons for this insanity, I would suggest the following links:



Go have a look around and maybe see what a real Spring Cleaning might reveal. Then get to work on cleaning up our governments. Together.

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