Maybe this is what it feels like when on old horse is put out to pasture: Neglected. Abandoned. Maybe not the best analogy, but one that came to mind as I consider things these days. On my trip to Montbard for the weekly market, there was always this horse, all alone in his little fenced in field that always tugged at me, so I made it a habit to buy extra carrots or apples in order to give him a bit of joy now and then. Sure enough, he became accustomed to my stops, and would whinny a greeting of recognition as he trotted down to the fence to accept my offerings. Being an ex-ranch hand and used to horses, I was sometimes tempted to jump the fence to see if he would let me mount, but never did. Probably should have in order to let him feel the warm embrace of two legs around his belly, the familiar bit of weight on his back.

I think about that, for some reason, when I consider the incredible number of people who have fallen for the Covid Charade and The Jab, so I guess that it shouldn’t really surprise me when I think about how we have been programmed, basically, since birth. Especially since that asshole Edouard Bernays and his Public Relations racket took over the advertising world. It’s been downhill ever since.

All these people lining up for their Jabs, thinking that, once injected, everything will return, at least for them, to the Old Normal, have quite a shock coming when, come this Fall, when a return of The Virus, or some new variant (both or any of which will be disguising themselves as some new biological “terrorist” attack), will require yet another Jab, and then another, and new lockdowns, new curfews, new social distancing or whatever else our brain dead politicians are told to say.

Because they don’t seem to realize it, I’d like to inform them that the Old Normal is what got us here in the first place, to this point of dystopia, this form of totalitarianism. That we’ve got to imagine something else other than capitalism and all its iterations for a way forward.

Think about it. Bill Gates, the new emperor of the world, along with his buddies at the WEF and all the other supposed ‘think tanks” he finances, want to reduce the populations of certain countries (if not all) and yet Europe is complaining that their populations are not growing fast enough, if at all, in order to support their Ponzi schemes for a decent retirement for their citizens. Does this make any sense at all?

These so-called elite couldn’t give a rat’s ass about our retirements, about our “investments”, our “health care”, our children’s futures or anything else. They simply want it all, everything, to divvy it up as to how they see fit. And keep the rest.

This Covid farce is an introduction to the future they envision. Comply or die. Simple as that. There is no longer any truth, any science, any thinking, any imagination. Nothing but what comes from the screens everyone seems to revere, as if we were somehow transported back to the Feudal Ages, shaking in fear of reprisals from some mysterious power.

It’s pathetic.

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